Did people think that Tim Tebow was going to receive a standing ovation from the crowd at Yankee Stadium? It doesn’t help that he was sitting next to D Wade who had just beat the Knicks earlier in the day, either. I hate that the NY media is playing this like Tim Tebow needs to win over the fans of New York type of thing. There were people cheering for D Wade and Tebow both. It’s a fact that Giants fans will hate Tim Tebow no matter what he does. Fans at Yankee Stadium will boo anyone for no reason. And some Jets fans don’t want Tebow. Maybe they booed him because they are sick of hearing about him over hyped by the media  and seeing him on the cover of every newspaper in town.  You add up all those people in New York and that equals a majority who are probably going to boo Tim Tebow. It’s not a surprise. Is it going to be breaking news when Tebow gets booed at Metlife when they play the Giants? C’mon.