Everyone knew that this was going to come sooner or later, it just happened to come sooner than everybody thought. Valentine made some comments on Sunday in which he seems to question Youkilis and his commitment. Youkilis talked to Valentine about the comments earlier Monday and Valentine apologized for the comments. This is one of the reasons that I don’t think that Bobby Valentine is the right choice for the coach of the Red Sox. This guy talks to the media about everything and doesn’t know when to keep quiet, and you can’t do that in Boston. It just doesn’t work that way. Now you got Pedroia coming out and questioning Valentine in the press and this may be the beginning of the end. Once Valentine gets on the wrong side of two of the players that the Red Sox are built on he is going to lose the team, if he already hasn’t. Once the team leaders turn on the coach the situation is never good. I hope that by the end of the season we aren’t wishing that the worse thing that happened was that some players ate some chicken and drank some beer.