Look at this kid. Out on a court playing with people like 15 years older than him and holding his own with future NBA players. The UNC players weren’t even playing hard. Just letting this kid take the ball up, show off his dribbling skills and put some college kids to shame. There were 4 UNC basketball team members on the court, so that means that Addis Cone was the 5th best player on that court all day. I know that when kids play you have to give them a chance, obviously these kids aren’t going to guard him like they would another 2o something year old. But as soon as Addis comes down the court dribbling like Hot Sauce from And1 someone better D him up quick. In this case though it just seemed like nobody wanted to get embarrassed by an 8-year-old in front of a couple hundred people. Instead they just let him basically beat their team single handedly. Just straight made the kid at :44 seconds his bitch then turned around and shot it right in his eye. Game Over. How demoralizing do you think it is to be on the court with the UNC basketball team and an 8 year old is the one you get embarrassed by?

More kids should be like Addis Cone. He didn’t celebrate once and just wanted to play basketball. We need more of these kinds of players. You can just tell that he’s a nice kid too. Keep a look out for Addis Cone in the future, who knows he might be wearing a UNC jersey one day.