Jabar Gaffney took to Twitter today to air his frustrations about Lito Sheppard and his soon 2 be ex-wife. What followed may be the greatest Twitter rant in the history of athlete Twitter rants. I mean talk about a melt down. First Gaffney is talking about how his wife is gone and he’s going to divorce her, then all the sudden he is calling out Lito Sheppard for something that he says has nothing to do with his situation with his wife. Yeah right. I’m pretty sure that if you’re thinking about leaving your wife and mad that she’s not there on your anniversary that Lito Sheppard is probably the last person you’re thinking about. Unless Lito Sheppard is the reason your wife is gone that is. C’mon Jabar you’re not fooling anyone. And if Gaffney is divorcing her, why does he care where she is? Your getting divorced for a reason. I’m sure that if she was the type of girl who would make you breakfast in bed for your anniversary, than you wouldn’t be getting divorced. Plus you know that Lito likes to eat his breakfast early.