I know that this clip is pretty long but it is well worth watching it. I’ve read some stuff with people saying that they are on Skip and Stephen A. Smith’s side in this, but I’m really not sure. I’m not sure how anyone can be on Skip Bayless’s side of anything, but that’s another story. How can Bayless say that he was offended by what Jalen said when he talks shit about players all the time? I don’t understand where him and Smith are coming from, or even why Stephen A. Smith was included in this. It’s all gotten pretty crazy. It’s pretty hypocritical of someone to say that they are offended when you talk about their stats but then turn around and do it to someone else like Bayless does everyday.   I really see what Jalen Rose is saying in all of this. Bayless can’t be mad when Jalen mentions his stats, no matter what the situation surrounding the story. Skip, nobody cares that your coach brought in his son and you were scared to shoot. Stats are stats. The same players that Skip criticizes for their stats are facing these same situations on a higher level, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. Skip seems to forget that he’s getting paid to. Probably more than some of the “scrubs” in the NBA are. I also get where Stephen A. Smith is coming from in terms of saying what he believes is true. That’s what he should do. All Jalen is saying is that saying what you believe to be true should not come at the price of disrespecting another person just because they get paid more than someone else.  Even if Jalen was wrong I’d still side with him for calling Bayless the best name ever: Water Pistol Pete Jr. Pure Gold.


P.S.- Skip Bayless actually turned out to be the least obnoxious person in this video. Someone needs to tell Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless that a debate isn’t won by whoever yells the loudest and drowns the other person out.