Just when you thought that you couldn’t hate Skip Bayless anymore he goes and does something like this. First he has the audacity to even compare himself to Russel Westbrook after he says that Westbrook shouldn’t play PG. Then, probably after some people on Twitter decided to call Bayless out, he decided to tweet about his “prestigious” high school basketball career. Leave it up to a pompous ass hole like Skip Bayless to actually believe that he could pull a fast one on the internet. Did he actually believe that everyone was going to take his word for it? You can tell that he knew he was wrong because he threw in that little disclaimer that the coach didn’t like him. The coach didn’t like him because he was probably the same little prick as he is today. So as the internet tends to do, someone goes back into a year book from 1970 and finds Skip Bayless’s stats from high school. And surprise, surprise Skip Bayless lied and really sucked. How can you tweet about being a starting point guard on a team who was a state championship runner-up, when you really only averaged 1.4 points on your JV team. There’s actually an article that said that he was a junior while he was on the JV team. A Junior!!!? And Skip didn’t even start!!!? How did he think that people were going to let this slide? He should know by this point that when a lot of people don’t like you to begin with that you probably shouldn’t make false claims about how great you are or were. Looks like Skip and his high school coach both thought somebody couldn’t play point guard.