Thank you Jalen Rose for finally calling out Skip Bayless and putting him in his place on TV no less. Probably one of the best things I have ever seen on ESPN. You know that Jalen has been memorizing the stats of Skip Bayless’s outstanding high school career ever since he saw it this morning on the internet. Just thinking “Oh, I’m gonna get this little bitch now.” Skip still tries to go after Rose even after Jalen owns him with probably the best line I’ve ever heard on ESPN. Water Pistol Pete Junior. Pure Gold. Jalen didn’t stop there though. Here’s some more of Jalen Rose destroying Skip Bayless.


What Skip Bayless doesn’t seem to get is that none of those guys that he mentioned ever said that they had done something that they hadn’t. I’ve never seen Mickey Loomis send out a tweet saying that he was a star high school QB. The sad part about all of this is that Skip Bayless is so egotistical and deluded that he actually thinks that he won that debate and he was right.