We’ve all heard about the Saints bounty program but I don’t think most of us realized what it really was until you listen to this audio of Greg Williams. Up until this time I pretty much envisioned a bunch of players throwing a couple hundred dollars each into a hat with a piece of tape on it that just read “Favre”. I didn’t think that they were having pregame speeches from their defensive coordinator about killing people heads. That’s really the most disturbing part about this whole about killing players heads. How f***** up do you have to be to say something like that. What really threw me off though is when he started talking about what I presume was Roger Goodell. Talking about the tie at top and if you kill the head, the body will die. What does that even have to do with the 49ers? Then he just goes straight to killing the heads, ACL’s, and ankles of every good player on the 49ers. Has Gregg Williams not seen a thing that has been going on outside of the NFL in the past 5 years? Everyone else inside and outside of football is talking about concussions and the lasting effects and Greg Williams is talking about checking on little number 10’s concussion. And not to ask him if he’s alright either. The sad thing about this whole scandal though is that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints weren’t the only team that does this. I’d actually bet on that. Either way I’m sure that this tape isn’t going to help any of the Saints appeals out very much.

P.S.- Crabtree is a fake ass primadonna though.