Does anyone else think that it’s time for Michael Vick to be forgiven. I mean the guy has done his time and basically lost everything he had. He is actually still paying off his court mandated fines. I mean enough is enough. What does he have to do to catch a break? I’m in no way condoning dog fighting or animal cruelty, but Vick was raised in a place where this is an everyday thing. Can you really blame someone for doing something that he grew up seeing as normal. It shouldn’t be an excuse, but I think that Michael Vick has more than paid back his debt to society. Many sports figures have done way worse and been forgiven much sooner. Donte Stallworth actually killed someone while drunk driving and nobody seems to care about that. Some of the most popular athletes in the world have been accused of rape, some of multiple counts, but are still just as popular as they were. It makes me wonder if Americans really value an animal’s life over a human life. Really makes you think what Michael Vick has to do to get past this? Would it have been better if he had killed someone drunk driving, because it seems that way to me.