Anyone who says that the Jets are not the biggest attention whores of the NFL are probably a Jets fan. How can the Jets even let Tim Tebow have this press conference? Do they not realize that this is going to give every media outlet in New York, and the world for that matter, 10x more ammo when the inevitable QB debate happens? The first time Sanchez f****’s up everyone is going to be calling for Tebow to be the starter. Did none of the Jets staff watch what happened in Denver. Do they really want billboards plastered all over the city calling for Tebow to replace the QB who they just gave a huge extension to? It doesn’t even matter if the talk about Mark Sanchez is justified or not. You’re undermining your whole franchise first by signing Tebow, then by giving him this press conference. Just ridiculous. For the Jets management to say that this trade was a “football move” is just stupid. You wanted a circus, you got one. Lets just hope that the elephant doesn’t step on Sanchez and crush him. And by elephant I do mean Rex Ryan.

The QB controversy is already beginning


This may be the first lie that Tim Tebow has ever told. Especially since he has made it clear that he wants to take Sanchez’s job. Hey Tim don’t feel bad, nobody respects Mark Sanchez.