Can someone please tell Skip Bayless that it’s very dangerous to text and drive a bandwagon at the same time. I am referring to the ridiculous coverage on ESPN that hosted a live update of Skip Bayless tweets about the Tim Tebow press conference. Bayless managed to decipher almost every single statement made by Tebow, none of which needed to be deciphered. Until today I really didn’t think that I could dislike Bayless any more than I already did. But once again he went and did something stupid. I really don’t understand where Skip Bayless’s thoughts even come from, or where he bases his opinions from. I’ve heard some people defend him, saying that we need a villain in the world of “sports personalities, but I just don’t get how he thinks. I might have been able to listen to him if he just made some sense every now and again. I’ve never seen or listened to someone who says they know and love sports yet idolize mediocrity like Skip Bayless does. Skip Bayless pretty much hates anyone who is a top player in any league then turns around and steers the bandwagon of players that don’t even deserve to be on the same field or court as the players Skip talks bad about. It’s just ridiculous. I think that Skip is a person who is just bitter and jealous of more talented athletes. I really do. I would bet that Skip Bayless is the kid who got picked last in every playground game he ever played and now is just using his position with ESPN to ridicule today’s best players in sports. In doing so Skip just comes off as a self-centered, egotistical, arrogant prick. Grow up Skip, it’s getting old.

Here are some more tweets from Skip Bayless:

1. Skip cries like a bitch when his boyfriend decides to go and make friends.

2. Tebow over Rodgers? No wonder your on ESPN2.


3. Suggs was right.