With Tiger’s latest win a Bay Hill, shooting a 2-under 70, he is officially back to his winning form. Tiger hasn’t had a PGA tour victory since his epic sex scandal at the end of 2009. After this win most people are asking whether Woods can continue this level of play, and get back to his old form. I’m asking a different question, though. Why is he playing better now. He was the best golfer in the world before his sex scandal caused him to fall from his top spot. After that press conference with his mom he took some time off, came back and wasn’t the same golfer. He basically said that he was giving up those things, and even took some time off from golf. Then he came back to golf and wasn’t as good. So I’m just wondering how he all the sudden goes from blowing tours to winning by 5 strokes? I’m thinking that he just figured that he couldn’t be the same golfer without all the sex and other stuff he was doing, and just said f*** it I’m going to do what I want. Either way, Tiger is back on top. Lets just hope that he celebrates like it’s 2008, and continues win.