The Jets never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. How many teams in the NFL do you think don’t read contracts that are sent to them? One, the Jets. And maybe the Raiders too, but that’s a different story. Did the one person on the Jets staff who is somewhat literate pick up the contract, see 6 zero’s, and say that’s too much? I mean how did this whole thing go down. I know that this is the NFL and huge money is thrown around all the time, but a $5 million compensation to the Jets for a guy who is only a QB in name and nothing more is a fortune. Congratulations Jets, now you got 2 quarterbacks who both suck and are overpaid.

P.S.- Does anyone else think that this whole thing is going to turn into a version of a modern day Rudy? Tebow just sitting on the bench with the whole stadium chanting his name. I mean it will probably be a little different. Mark Sanchez will probably be crying, wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills while the Jets lose, but it will basically be the same.