The Jets have acquired Tim Tebow for a 4th round pick. Why would the Jets even do this? Nothing good can come out of the Jets having Tim Tebow back up Mark Sanchez. Nothing. The only reason I can think of that the Jets would even trade for Tebow is that they heard the Patriots wanted him and just panicked.  I mean they already have one bad QB, why make it two? If you’re the Jets do you really need a stadium filled of Tebow fanatics chanting his name as soon as the QB you just gave a 5 year extension to, throws an incomplete pass? I don’t think so. Even Cromartie has gone to twitter saying that the Jets don’t want Tebow. Of all the Jets players Cromartie is the one that I would least trust and I have to say that he is right. Some of these dudes kids don’t even trust him and they know he’s right. To top it off the NY media is going to blow this whole thing out of proportion. I heard they’ve been looking for a new story ever since that kid from Harvard turned out to be a bust.