Come Get A Popsicle Hank, I Dare Ya

Hank Haney has written a new book called “The Big Miss”, chronicling in detail his everyday dealings with Tiger Woods. A lot of the excerpts  from the book that I’ve read didn’t really come as a surprise to me. The fact that Tiger Woods loved porn wasn’t really a huge surprise to me. Haney also goes on to say that Woods is cheap and rude. No shit he’s cheap. Dude has had everything pretty much handed to him in the way of money. I mean he was the richest and most talented athlete of a generation, being cheap and rude is kinda exactly what I expected Tiger Woods to be like. Just goes to show you that when you’re the best at something the rules don’t really apply to you. The funniest part was the part about Haney being scared to ask Woods for a Popsicle. What are you two 10?

What earth-shaking information is Hank Haney going to drop next? That Charles Barkley likes to eat and gamble? That’s going to be in his second book “The Bigger Miss”.