It’s official. Peyton Manning has chose the Denver Broncos as his new team for next season. Manning has reportedly called John Elway to tell him that the he has picked the Broncos and told his agent to get a deal done with Denver.Now that the Peyton Manning dog and pony show is over, it’s now time for the Tim Tebow dog and pony show to start. Now we will be subjected to around the clock updates of where Tim Tebow will be traded and when. This is all based on the opinion of some that Tebow actually has any trade value at all in the NFL. A team will have to be pretty desperate to take a chance on a player who calls himself a QB, but can’t throw the ball. Might be a problem. The only good thing that’s going to come out of this for Tebow is that thanks to Manning there will be a couple of teams in desperate need of a QB. Tebow should thank Manning for stringing along all these teams because that will be the only way he actually gets traded for. Worse case scenario is that he doesn’t get traded and Elway constantly has to watch his biggest mistake sit on the bench all next season. Either way, Tebow Time and the Peyton Show are officially over. Feel free to take to the streets in celebration.

P.S.- Now Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are almost exactly alike. Both headed back to the bench.

P.P.S.- I am going to be pissed if the Broncos keep Tebow and Manning ends up getting hurt. Pissed. I’ll be even madder if he goes to the Dolphins and I have to watch him run around like a chicken with his head cut off against the Patriots twice a year.  If you were Manning why would you pass up the 49ers? Better offense, better defense, better overall. The Broncos got into the playoffs on a fluke, but if Peyton thinks that he can lead them to a Super Bowl, good luck to him.