Brandon Lloyd has signed with the Patriots making them arguably the best passing attack in the NFL. Even among the free agent spending frenzy the Patriots have managed to sign a top wide receiver for a relative bargain. Early reports are saying that Lloyd’s deal will come in at 3 years, $12 Million. For those of you who aren’t good at math that’s only $4 million a year. And yes you can say only $4 million when receivers of lesser talent than Lloyd were receiving  $10 million per year. This small investment should pay off almost instantly with Josh McDaniels calling the offensive plays next year. It still remains to be seen which receiver will loose a spot due to the signing of Lloyd. Both Chad Ochocinco and Deion Branch could both be on the chopping block. I for one hope that the Patriots keep Ochocinco and let Branch go. Or they could go against their history with wide receivers and keep them all, who knows? But I doubt it. Either way I can’t wait to see the Patriots offense operate next year.

The Patriots also signed former #1 draft pick Anthony Gonzalez who has been plagued by injuries throughout his career.