I don’t know if there is any more evidence that Linsanity is over than a bunch of Jeremy Lin merchandise with 50% off stickers all over it. You mean to tell me that some point guard from nowhere who has only started a handful of games isn’t a top 5 point guard? Preposterous!!! That a player who turns the ball over and couldn’t guard a pole isn’t a better player than every other PG in the NBA? Ya don’t say? Maybe Jeremy Lin should have waited until his first season was over to get off of Fields couch. Maybe next time the NY media won’t crown some no name player he puts up numbers on a consistent basis, but I doubt it. Not to worry though, in a month or two we should have another athlete who rockets to super stardom only to fall just as fast, straight into the bargain bin.

P.S.- Someone tell Lin to say whats up to Tim Tebow.