It never has happened and never will happen. Can the Jets really be this egotistical to come out and say that they didn’t want Peyton Manning? I see how they’re trying to spin it but everyone knows the truth. Just crazy.  Lets just say I drive an overpriced Honda Civic everyday that is pretty unreliable and everybody in my family hates. One day I have the chance to buy a Ferrari. The dealer tells me that this Ferrari has been in an accident but was repaired correctly. They let me take it for a test drive and the price is more than my Civic but still manageable. Who in their right mind would ever pass that up? Nobody, that’s who. Why doesn’t Woody Johnson just tell the truth and say that Peyton Manning just didn’t want to be on the Jets? But then again this is the Jets we’re talking about. What does he do? Woody Johnson goes out and leases that shitty Civic for 3 more years. Have fun Jets, because that car ain’t going to drive you to the playoffs.