How can the Discovery Channel even think about firing Bear Grylls? If you’re the Discovery Channel, don’t you just pay him whatever he wants? Lets forget the fact that 99% of the people who actually watch the show will probably never use anything that they have seen. Worst case scenario for most of these people is that they have to make the treacherous adventure from the couch to the refrigerator, and I doubt they are going to be using a baby seal as a wetsuit on the way. That point aside I think that Discovery should pay Grylls just for the shit that he ate while he did the show. If I was Bear Grylls I would just sign up to be on shows like Fear Factor and Survivor. Just win a shit load of money and kick back you know?

P.S.-What Bear Grylls should really do is get on a plane with all the executives on Discovery and bring that bitch down in the middle of nowhere. We’ll see how much they think he’s worth then.

P.P.S.- Have you ever seen anyone who was happier to drink their own piss than Bear Grylls? Didn’t think so.