So Hines Ward’s DUI video came out today and this is exactly what he feared would happen. Odds are, that if you not really a Steelers fan that you probably haven’t heard much about Ward getting a DUI anyway. It wasn’t like it ruined his football career, because that is pretty much over now that the Steelers released him, so it really didn’t affect him that much. He was probably just so drunk that he thought that he was still the Steelers best receiver. The one funny part about this video though was when he hit his head against the window at the very end. I wonder what the NFL concussion policy is of head injuries that occurred during DUI arrests. They should probably look into that. At least he can always just call up Plaxico for some advice on damage control.

P.S.- Show me one none celebrity who has ever pleaded down a DUI arrest to a charge of reckless driving with 1 year of probation.