I don’t care what anyone says about Randy Moss because I still believe in him. I’ve been a Moss fan since way back and I got the Barney-purple Randy Moss Vikings jersey hanging in my closet to prove it. Hate him or love him you can’t deny that the guy can flat out play wide receiver. There has never been a receiver that has combined the speed and hands like Randy Moss ever. There has never been a better deep threat in the NFL than Randy Moss, and there never will be again. All the people that say that Moss isn’t a team player are probably fans that had to watch Moss catch touchdown after touchdown against their favorite team. So I for one still believe in Randy Moss as a player and a person. I wish him nothing but luck in San Francisco. And to all the Randy Moss haters out there, all Randy has to do is tell them how the 49ers are paying him:


P.S.- It’s too bad Jim Harbaugh isn’t going to be out on the field throwing to him during the regular season. Obviously him and Moss have some chemistry together for the 49ers to basically sign him on the spot.