Different team, same old Papelbon. I couldn’t really tell what to think about Papelbon during his first years with the Red Sox. Then after a while I started to realize that Papelbon is the type of guy who is basically loyal to whoever would pay him the most money. I’m not saying that there’s really anything wrong with this, it’s just the way he is. His latest comments take his money loyalty to a whole new level. What he basically said was that he wants to get paid while not having to listen to the fans criticize him when he blows a save during crucial game. Papelbon actually equated fan hysteria with game knowledge. If Papelbon had said that Fenway was filled with Pink Hat fans who have no idea how the game of baseball is played I would have been fine with that, because it’s the starting to become the truth. I’m not even saying that Phillies fans are smarter than Boston fans or vice versa, but Papelbon knows who is paying him now. The truth is that Phillies are stupid for overpaying for Papelbon. I’m sure that Papelbon will see how hysterical Phillies fans get when he blows a save during a playoff game. We’ll see who has the smarter fans then.

P.S.- The Francona impression was pretty good.