With reports surfacing that the Broncos are going to make a push to sign Peyton Manning, this may signal the end of Tebow-Mania, something that I have eagerly awaited. For too long I have been subjected to the over hyping and over publicizing of a sub par quarterback with the accuracy of a civil war musket. Are Denver Broncos fans so desperate for the next coming of John Elway that they will put up with watching their quarterback throw only 5 passes in a game,  4 of which are straight into the ground? Are you kidding me? Anyway you look at this, getting Peyton Manning is the best move for the Broncos at the QB position. I don’t care if Peyton’s whole right side was f****** paralyzed the Broncos should still make him an offer. If the Broncos staff had to wheel Peyton out onto the field in a wheelchair he would still have a better throwing motion than Tebow. It’s about time the Elway see the writing on the wall and move on from this circus act that is, actually was, Tebow-Mania. Since I doubt that Tim Tebow will start believing in evolution and develop a passing game anytime soon, Elway better make Peyton an offer he can’t refuse.