This is a case where I’m not even sure who is right, and who is wrong. On one hand you got this guy Clipper Darrell who has stuck with the Clippers for over 10 years, even though they sucked. Dude’s got his car painted Clipper colors and everything. On the other hand you got the Clippers who are all the sudden too good for Clipper Darrell and want nothing to do with him. Then you got the fact that this dude just went on national television and cried like a little bitch because the Clippers released some media statement saying that they want nothing to do with him. After they see this they’re definitely going to want nothing to do with him that’s for sure. I love how the news anchor just pulled some quote out of his ass at the end just to shut Clipper Darrell up. “When they say that?”. “Uh, some media guy on the Clippers said it”. Everything’s all better now. Too funny.

Clippers need to get their super fan game right. Now this is a real super fan. He lives, eats and breathes Patriots. But just mostly eats.