Who is Brady Quinn to say anything about another quarterback in the NFL? I mean Tim Tebow sucks, so what does that say for Brady Quinn? You get cut from the Cleveland Browns and when you get on the Broncos you can’t even beat out Tim Tebow? You can’t beat out a guy who only throws the football 5 times a game, with 3 of those throws going straight into the ground, and you call yourself a quarterback? The only part of your argument that’s even plausible is the part about Tebow praying on the field in front of the cameras for attention. That was kind of plausible before I remembered that Brady Quinn went to Notre Dame, where football is tied to religion as Tim Tebow is. Brady Quinn should have just told everyone the truth. He should have just said that the Broncos defense is the only reason that they won any games. Instead he went after Tim Tebow because he knew it would get people talking about him, then took to Twitter to apologize. Well mission accomplished Quinn, people are talking about you now. You just better hope that NFL teams are talking when you get released from the Broncos, but I doubt it. No matter how much I don’t like Tim Tebow as a player, but he would never let any pictures like this come out. And this isn’t the only picture of Brady Quinn doing this with other guys. Maybe Quinn doesn’t like Tebow because he wouldn’t pose for a picture with him?