Everyone is going crazy over Jeremy Lin but I’m still not convinced. I’m not saying that this guy can’t be a solid point guard, but he will never be the best. I think that a good percentage of Linsanity has emerged for the simple reason that the Knicks weren’t as good as they were supposed to be. Given the talent that they have on that team without injury, they actually suck. Then Jeremy Lin comes along and all the sudden the Knicks start winning games. The only problem with this is that they were playing teams in the basement of the NBA and Lin turns over the ball too much. This is the fatal flaw of Linsanity because turnovers lose games. I just think that all this attention is going to end up being too much too soon. We got Jason Whitlock talking about Lin’s penis and Kim Kardashian wanting to see what Whitlock was talking about. Instead of ESPN apologizing for the image they posted on their website, they should be apologizing for this poll that they posted:

Whoever put this poll up is the person that should really lose their job at ESPN.