This year the NBA has decided to change the format of the dunk contest to ensure that fewer people than last year watch. The rule changes include changing the contest from 2 rounds to 1, and getting rid of all the judges from the contest. I see what the NBA is trying to do, but I think that they totally screwed it up. Yes, social media is the way the world is going, but why take the judges out of it. This is going to just make the dunk contest a popularity contest. But the NBA also found a way to take care of that problem also. Their solution was simple, put in players who aren’t popular at all. Here is are the participants: Iman Shumpert, Paul George, Derrick Williams and Chase Budinger. All players I could care less about. If the NBA wants to get back to the dunk contests that made people want to actually watch here’s what they should do:

1. Open up the contest to people outside the NBA. The worlds greatest dunkers are not in the NBA, and people want to see the best dunks.

2. Add more people and more rounds. Nobody wants to watch something that’s going to be over before it begins. 3 rounds with 9 dunkers.

3. Keep the judges and social media, but do a 75%-25% split where the judges ultimately can make up for a popularity vote happening.

If the NBA would just adopt some of these rules we could see the dunk contests of old that were rivalries instead of someone named Iman blow a dunk 5 times in a row.