Typical Kim Kardashian. As soon as someone gets a little fame she goes after them and kills their career. Just look at her track record. Nobody’s heard from Ray J since the sex tape, Reggie Bush is rotting in Miami and Kris Humphries didn’t have a career to begin with. Although I think it’s a little early to say that Lin has a career yet, Kim Kardashian is sure to ruin whatever he has. Kim Kardashian must have seen that Vanessa Bryant and Kobe were back together and realized she needed to get with the newest basketball star. For those of you who believe in conspiracy theories, the article said that they are trying to arrange a double date with Carmelo and his wife. With all the talk about Carmelo being a ball hog maybe he has found another way to get rid of Lin? He knows what happens to people after they get with Kim Kardashian. Well played Carmelo, well played.