Do these faces look familiar. If not, then they should. These are pictures that a 15-year-old Jeremy Lin posted on his Xanga blog, ChinkBalla88. Can’t even make this stuff up. In addition to that, Jason Whitlock tweeted about the Asian anatomy in a tweet that has some people extremely mad. Here’s that tweet:

Ok so let me get this right. People are mad at Jason Whitlock for saying that Jeremy Lin has a small penis, but not mad that Jeremy Lin referred to himself as a “Chink Balla”. Hopefully this is the worst that gets uncovered or happens during Linsanity, but for some reason I doubt that. If a story is too good to be true it usually is.

I also saw a sign that was titled the “Yellow Mamba”, playing of Kobe Bryant’s the “Black Mamba” that some people were saying was racist. Now that we know Lin has referred to himself as “ChinkBalla88” can we stop talking about the race card?