So someone has tweeted that LeBron James apparently uses the alias “Gordon Gekko” when he reserves hotel rooms on away trips. My only question is what other name do you’d think he would use. Of course LeBron is going to pick one of the greediest characters of all time because it fits him. Your crazy if you don’t think that Gekko would sell out his own hometown, and the people who made him, just to make a buck. Of course he would. So it comes to me as no surprise that LeBron would choose a huge asshole as his alias. No surprise. Who else do you know of that doesn’t sign cards that he gives to family because he’s afraid that they would profit off them? LeBron, that’s who. For a long time pure skill and ability has made up for being an asshole, but I think that LeBron has crossed that line. He has crossed that line that no matter how good he gets, people are still going to hate him just because the type of person he is.

LeBron should probably check into hotels under a more fitting name like a character who slowly goes bald throughout the film. The only place LeBron is feeling the recession is in his hairline.