You may have seen two blogs that I put out recently about free agents that would be a good fit for the Patriots needs. While a good portion of these free agents will most likely be signed, the Patriots may have a chance to get 1 or 2 quality free agents. Before the Patriots do any off-season free agent signing, they first need to sign their own free agents. Here’s a list of the free agents currently on the Patriots, and if they should sign them.

Free Agents

  •  Wes Welker- Obviously the biggest name on this list and a must sign for the Patriots. Leading receiver in league last season, and is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder after the Super Bowl.
  • Mark Anderson- Emerged as the best pass rusher on the Patriots towards the end of the year. Will probably get resigned as a situational pass rusher.
  • Deion Branch- I’m a little torn on Branch. Definitely should not be a second WR on any team in the league. Should get resigned only if he’s going to be a 3rd string receiver at best and probably get a 1 year deal.
  • Brian Hoyer- Restricted- Good backup, should get resigned.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis- Solid RB who holds onto the ball. Patriots don’t rely heavily on RB’s though so he’s going to have to take a smaller deal if he wants to stay in NE.
  • Andre Carter- Although he started off on a great pace, Carter suffered a season ending injury which may decide whether or not he gets resigned. Look for the Patriots defensive scheme to play a big part in whether Anderson and Carter get resigned.
  • Dan Connolly- Depends on whether Koppen has recovered enough since his ankle injury. Will probably make it to camp.
  • Matthew Slater- Special teams all-star on the Patriots. Will get signed to a small deal and play exclusively on Special teams
  • Kyle Love-Kind of a surprise this year. Came in and played good in big situations. Look for him to take a small deal for probably 3 or 4 years.
  • Dan Koppen- Depends on his ankle and how Connolly plays. Patriots will probably go into training camp with boy Koppen and Connolly, but look for one to get cut.
  • James Ihedigbo- Seems to get injured on every play and not the best cover safety in the team. Look for Ihedigbo to be gone, as the Patriots will probably draft a safety or put McCourty at safety for good.
  • Kevin Faulk- Retirement
  • Shaun Ellis- Not going to get resigned unless he agrees to a 1 year minimum deal.
  • Gary Guyton- Invisible this season. I don’t see him staying with the team.
  • Nate Jones- Cut
  • Antwaun Molden- Restricted, will probably not be signed
  • Niko Koutouvides- I don’t see him being on the Patriots next year unless he’s getting the minimum.
  • Gerard Warren- Will probably get resigned. Played well on defense towards end of the season.
  • Bret Lockett- Restricted, Patriots will probably let him see free agency
  • Tracy White- Not getting resigned

Possible Trades & Signings

Jared Allen

Minnesota is reportedly looking to trade Allen to a team for a 1st round pick. If that’s the case then the Patriots have what Minnesota wants. Adding Allen would immediately give the Patriots a pass rush and a huge boost on defense. It would also help tremendously in taking some pressure of the secondary depending on what off-season moves the Patriots make.

Brandon Lloyd

With the Rams looking to trade Lloyd for a 3rd to 5th round pick, this signing would definitely be worth it for the Patriots. With the addition of Josh McDaniels the Patriots may have gained some help in bringing Lloyd to New England. Lloyd would also come cheaper than the other Reggie Wayne. Other options include Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson.

Cortland Finnegan

Adding Finnegan would make the Patriots secondary better automatically. Looking past his on field incidents would be necessary, but Belichick has never had a problem with handling that before. The Titans don’t want to pay Finnegan, so the chances that he could join the Patriots are pretty good.