This is why New York fans suck. You don’t even know the QB on the Giants? If you’re at the parade you shouldn’t have to pause for 5 seconds just to name a player on the team. If you pause for 5 seconds then name a player on another team, you should never be allowed in that state again. If all this is captured on film, you should probably look into changing your identity. They just won the f****** Super Bowl. Way to jump on the bandwagon. People have been talking about Eli and the Giants for 3 weeks straight now, and you can’t even name a player? I guess this is just a side effect of having 2 teams in every major sport, when some states don’t even have one. Spoiled. Once your blinded by Mark Sanchez’s white pants you can never go back.

If the Jets were smart Mark Sanchez wouldn’t even be on a NY Pop Warner team next year, never mind an NFL team. Sanchez wouldn’t be a starting ball boy for the Giants.