Was it just me, or did the Super Bowl halftime show suck? First of all, you got Madonna who is way past her prime. I understand that the main audience at the Super Bowl grew up with Madonna, but the rest of us didn’t. It was just weird all around. You got Madonna getting pulled into the middle of the field by Spartan warriors like Xerxes from 300. She puts on a decent performance dancing around like a nursing home patient before Nicki Minaj comes out for a few seconds to rap something that nobody really cared about. Next we got M.I.A. who also nobody really cares about flipping everyone the bird, along with every 16-year-old girls favorite group, LMFAO. In between all these people who nobody cares about, we got this guy, the real star of the show. Just smashing his balls on this rope over and over again. Dude’s wearing a skirt. Dedication. I understand that nobody at CBS or the NFL, and everybody else in the world, wants a repeat of the whole Janet Jackson thing but c’mon. If Madonna had a wardrobe malfunction it probably would have been like seeing Justin Bieber without a shirt on. CBS, until you take a chance, the halftime show is never going to be what you want it to be.

P.S.- I gotta say that the screens on the ground in front of the stage were awesome though. They almost made the whole thing watchable. And will Cee Lo Green just go away please?