The only problem I see with this deal going through would be that Shanahan system is a terrible fit for Peyton Manning. Shanahan system is designed for a more mobile quarterback, which Manning is not. Shanahan can keep his current system if he wants to keep losing with the Rex Grossman’s and John Beck’s of the league, but I’m sure that if the Redskins landed Manning than Shanahan would be forced to change his system. The other problem with getting Manning is the decision of whether or not to sign the Colts free agent wide receivers, Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne. Not that this is a bad decision to have, but is it worth restructuring your whole teams salary around? This is a question that is going to have to be answered by any team looking to add Manning. The first question should be is Manning worth the risk? Just because he’s been cleared to play, doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be the same player that he was. He probably won’t be. Any team looking to sign Manning needs to first asses the potential benefit, and more importantly the risk, to their team should they sign Manning. Any form of Peyton Manning is better than the Redskins QB options right now.