All week long I’ve had to hear about the media bitching about how at the rally Tom Brady said that he hopes that they can have more fans at the party in two weeks. The media keeps bringing up this point in everything they say and I’m getting tired of it. I wouldn’t be getting tired of it though, if the media would bring up what the Giants have been saying leading up to the Super Bowl. Let me give you some quotes:

Chris Canty- “Get ready for a great game on Super Bowl Sunday and get ready for a parade on Tuesday.”

Antrel Rolle- “We are going to win this thing.”

Kiwanuka- “I think we’re going to win the game. You don’t come out here and say we’re going to go out there and give it our best. I believe every guy in that locker room thinks we’re going to win the game. If they didn’t believe that, they shouldn’t be in the locker room.”

So let me get this straight you’ve got 3 players on the Giant repeatedly guaranteeing victory and the media still wants to replay a quote from Brady saying that he hopes they can have a party next week. C’mon. Now the New York media wants to blow this whole Gisele email thing out of proportion. Remember that these are the same media members who a couple of months ago were basically worshiping everything that Tim Tebow did. Now they want to scrutinize a personal email of a players wife asking her friends and family to pray for the teams safety. Give me a break. To top all that off, Rodney Harrison said that he would trust Eli Manning more than Tom Brady. You’re going to trust Eli more than the man who won you two Super Bowls Rodney? E tu, Rodney? E tu?