A little biased aren’t we Princess? No shit your going to pick the Giants you live in New Jersey. Everyone knows that no one likes the Jets anymore. But I’m not even mad at Princess. You know why? She’s a f****** camel. I’m mad at this dude who is feeding her the crackers, and I’m calling bullshit. I want stats John. I want to know what hand she favors. Any day of the week I can go down to Roger Williams Zoo with some peanuts and have an elephant choose one hand. Does that tell me who’s going to win the Super Bowl? No. You know what it means John? Animals like to freakin eat that’s what it means. Here’s a prediction for you that I guarantee is right. If you kept both hands out Princess would have eaten both the crackers. Holy shit. Would that mean a tie, John? I’m willing to bet that Princess probably picks whichever hand patted her right that day. Someone hold up a picture of Tom Brady and Eli Manning and I’ll guarantee there’s no way she’s picking this:

over this:





I didn’t think so Princess. I understand the pick though. No way you could have kept your camel ass in Jersey if you had picked the Patriots.