Why does the NFL still even have the Pro Bowl? Why do they have it after the Super Bowl? Does that even make sense? Why not have it after the Super Bowl and let the players from those two teams play? Seems stupid to name players who are obviously not going to play. They should just name two teams and not play the game and spare us the horror of watching a shitty game. My question is to those of you, if anyone, who watched the game: Why? Why would you want to watch a game that isn’t a football game? The rules basically make it impossible to play an actual football game. No blitzing, no press coverage, intentional grounding and no motion just make it stupid. Why not just let the offense line up against cardboard cut outs of the defense and let them play. Basically the same thing. I would be surprised if anyone even registered a tackle. As soon as anyone touches the ball they just fall down like they play soccer or something. What a joke. The only stat that I should have to mention that really makes the Pro Bowl a joke is that Brandon Marshall had 4 touchdowns. He had 6 all season. I should know because he was on my fantasy team and he was in no way Pro Bowl worthy. The Pro Bowl is a sad excuse of a representation of the talent of the best sport in the world.

P.S.- Someone should also tell the NFL to bring back the skills competition. I spent my time watching the Celtics lose to the Cavaliers. The f***** Cavaliers.