Terrell Suggs is 100% right about Skip Bayless. In my opinion this is one of the nicer things that Suggs could have said to Bayless. If you get a chance to listen to the whole video, which is about 11 minutes long, you’ll understand. Bayless continually pounds Suggs with questions about what went wrong in the game, and tries to get Suggs to second guess his coach and teammates. When Suggs doesn’t fall for that, Bayless then tries to take Suggs words out of context probably to get a quick soundbite. Skip Bayless needs to get taken off ESPN, plain and simple. All he does is spout his nonsense about players such as his biggest man crush, Tim Tebow. Skip Bayless is in no way, shape, or form a sports analyst, nor will he ever be one. Every time I hear him talk he is constantly arguing and talking over someone else in order to get his so-called point, which is usually wrong, across. Every professional athlete who has ever had to talk with Skip Bayless should thank Terrell Suggs for calling him out. Here’s a guy fresh off one, if not the, worst loss in his professional football career taking time out of his day, and this is how Bayless treats him? Give the guy a break. That was pure and simply unprofessional by Bayless. He deserved much worse than what Suggs called him.