Vanessa Bryant just showed Kim Kardashian who is/was the real queen of the NBA. She just got a total of $75 million in her divorce from Kobe. I hope Kim Kardashian was taking notes for the next time she tries a stunt like the one she pulled with Kris Humphries. She could only keep up that charade for like 70 days. Someone should have first told Kim that everyone in the NBA isn’t at the same skill level. Kim’s choice of player just so happened to be pretty low on the skill level chart of the NBA. Vanessa on the other hand obviously did her homework. She saw that Kobe was one of the best players in the league and decided to make a long term investment, marriage. She held out for 10 years until that stock, aka Kobe, matured and was ready to sell. As soon as that happened, she was gone. $75 million later, she is now single and loaded. Get your game right Kim, your not in the D League anymore.