Who hosts an after party for a game that you haven’t even played yet? Vernon Davis, I guess. You have to be pretty cocky to host a party for a game that you’re not even favored in. I know that nobody in the NFL thinks they’re going to lose, but that doesn’t mean that you schedule a party before you win. You don’t see advertisements for Tom Brady hosting a Super Bowl party do you? I know that Vernon Davis had an absolutely huge game last week, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. If the game goes like I think it’s going to go with the Giants winning, then this party is going to be a nightmare. Who wants to host a party when you’ve just lost a huge game?  How much would it suck to get beat by this:

Then to top it off you have to go to a party after that. I have a feeling that Vernon Davis is going to end this game the same as the last, crying, just for a different reason.