With the Patriots decisive win over Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, “Tebow Time” as the clinically insane call it, has finally been put out of its’ misery. Even though I know it won’t happen, I hope that people now see Tim Tebow for the fraud that he is and has always been. He is nothing more than a product of the option system, just as the wildcat offense was last year. No different. With that whole situation cleared up, now we can finally move on. But first a look back at the game and some key points

-The Broncos took a page right out of Bill Belichick’s play book by deferring the kickoff when they won the coin toss. What John Fox forgot was that for deferring to be successful you need a good offense. Someone also forgot to tell him that the option doesn’t work when your down by 30+. Whoops.

– Using Aaron Hernandez as a RB totally screwed the Broncos D for the whole game. That combined with the hurry up totally confused them. Even when Hernandez lined up as a TE, the Broncos still couldn’t cover him.

-There should be no debate who is the best TE in the league after that game. I know the Vernon Davis had a huge game, and Jimmy Graham did too, but neither had 3 TD’s.

– If Phil Simms and Jim Nantz couldn’t tell that Gronkowski caught that ball when he dove for the TD, then they shouldn’t be in the booth. Period.

-Brandon Spikes and Patrick Chung brought an energy to the Patriots defense that hasn’t been seen all season.

-The Patriots special teams is one of the best in the NFL.

-When Broncos fans watch regular season games on a local channel are they subjected to only religious commercials? The only reason I because I doubt that if we weren’t playing Tebow we would have seen a John 3:16 commercial.

-The most surprising thing I saw all game was at the end of the game there was a prayer circle and Tebow walked right by it. I was shocked to say the least.

-I’m trying not to get to excited about the defense, after all it was the Broncos, but it was there best game all season.

– I didn’t see one shot of John Elway all game. He’s probably been on 24 hour suicide watch since the first snap of the game. I bet he regrets jumping on the bandwagon now.

– I’m just glad that Patriots fans would rather drink Budweiser than the Kool- Aid.

Next week it’s the Ravens coming to Gillette in a game that should have the Patriots as heavy favorites going in. Watching the game today, as long as you stop Ray Rice and don’t turn the ball over, the Ravens aren’t that great of a team. From what I saw today all the criticism of Joe Flacco isn’t that far off. One player to watch is going to Ed Reed, who came down awkwardly on his left leg on the last play of the game against the Texans. If he isn’t able to go against the Patriots the Ravens are going to be in trouble.