Whatever he does with it, this DVD should probably be one of his first purchases. I bet you this is one check that John Elway never thought he’d be writing. Good thing quarterbacks usually get bonuses based on passing instead of rushing. Enough of this Tebow is breaking the QB mold bullshit. If rushing QB’s were effective then the wildcat would have lasted more than one season and Michael Vick would make it through a whole season. And if any Tebow fans out there think that Tebow is better than Vick than your crazier than I thought. I just feel bad for the quarterbacks who are making passing history who have to be overshadowed by this glorified running back who drops back to pass 1 out of every 10 plays. Wake up people. I even feel bad for Eli Manning, who threw for the 6th most passing yards in history this season. Maybe Tebow should pay for Eli to come teach him some passing mechanics or something.