Big Ben just rocking a fedora like a boss after a losing to Tim Tebow and the Broncos yesterday. There’s only 3 reasons I can think of why anyone would wear a hat like this on purpose:

1. Incognito- Big Ben can’t be going out looking like his usual self hitting the clubs. Multiple rape accusations don’t fade over night. Ask Kobe.

2. Helmet- After you mess up your face that bad you can’t hit your crotch rocket without some form of head protection. This should do.

3. Bet- He was probably like, “If we don’t beat Denver, iIll wear a fedora to the post-game interview”.  Bad choice.

Or maybe he just thinks it looks good?

P.S.- Your telling me that Hines Ward or someone else couldn’t stop Ben and be like “Hell no you ain’t going out there like that”. This shit would never happen on the Patriots. Which is why this guy is gone.