Can you believe how Penn State alum, players, and fans are reacting to the hiring of Bill O’Brien? People just straight bitching about how they hired “outside” of the Penn State family. What kind of family is Penn State, anyway? Just some ordinary, backwoods family, who has some weird uncle taking showers with the kids. I hope they hired outside that family.

As for Bill O’Brien, I hope he has some success at Penn State. I know that people from the Patriots who go on to coach somewhere else don’t have much success, but cut him a break. I’m pretty sure that as long as none of O’Briens’ assistant coaches are teaching How To Shower 101, he should be good.

P.S.-If I was Bill O’Brien I’d also probably stay away from any summer camps for kids. Probably not a great idea for a while. Any parent who would let their kids go to that probably shouldn’t have kids anyway.