Looks like God chose the wrong quarter to help out Tim Tebow against the Patriots. Now Tebow fanatics get to see what happens when the opposing team plays Tebow accordingly. Pretty sure that in the second half Tebow had more throw aways than completions. Just taking 30 yard losses and sacks left and right. Maybe now Tebow fans will see that it’s not Tebow, but the defense that actually keeps them in games. Being the crazies that they are though, they won’t. They’ll blame it on the officiating, their defense, and the fumbles. In reality they need to realize that because Tebow can’t throw worth a shit, the offense is basically forced to run 90% of the time. This eats up too much time. Combine that with turnovers by Tebow and the rest of the team, going up against an offense like the Patriots, and you’ve got a problem. This is what pisses me off about Tebow fans saying that he’s a real QB. No he’s not. He’s a product of a system, pure and simple. Basically they run a glorified college wildcat offense. The only reason they have won the last games is because they keep the ball out of the other teams offense’s hands, and don’t commit turnovers. Add to the fact that the opposing teams have made stupid mistakes against them, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t have won.

But this whole thing isn’t about Tim Tebow, it’s about the Patriots ability to bend, not break, on defense. Plain and simple, the Patriots make the best 2nd half adjustments in the league. You want to double cover Gronk? Boom, Aaron Hernandez blowing up your shit all day. You think you can win on special teams? Boom, 2 wide receivers in your face all day. You want to disrespect my boy Chad Ochocinco? Boom, first TD of the year. Just an overall great performance by the Patriots to put an end to this ridiculous circus.

Just another straight power move by the Patriots franchise as a whole. Do opposing teams around the league really think that they have a shot against the biggest big 3 in all of sports. Kraft, Belichick, Brady. Just doing what they want, when the want, all day.

P.P.S.- I think that a T-Rex might have a better shot at being a pocket QB in the league than Tebow. Oops, I forgot that Tebow doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.