Probably one of the best moves I’ve ever seen by a losing team. Just aim a training cart at a group of the opposing teams coaches, stuff a pylon into the gas pedal and let it fly. Cart comes in so hot, and just mows down like 6 guys. The worst part of this is without a doubt the guy in the blue shirt. Dude just finds himself in the cart with his hand on the wheel and just absolutely shits his pants. Dude just went all Keanu Reeves, barrel rolling out of there like he was in the movie Speed. For the rest of his life he’s going to be that guy who just bitched out and rolled out of that cart like it was going to blow up. How about you grow up and act like a responsible adult. Next time you find yourself in the seat of a runaway cart you gotta end that shit, and end it peacefully. Just a cop-out, pure and simple. Thank god that Usain Bolt was there to catch up to that missile and stop it. Life saver. Just making the other guy look 10x worse.