I know that I’m a little late on the newest big news on the Tim Tebow front, but that’s only for the simple fact that I don’t care about Tim Tebow. What I do care about though, is kids acting stupid. Throw out all this shit that the teachers are saying about safety and protecting the students. Who cares about that stuff. What gets me mad is these kids blatant disrespect for their hometown football teams. I say teams because these kids are from New York and are lucky enough, depending on how you look at it, to have the choice of rooting for two teams. This being said, how can they even think of Tebowing in the halls during class when they have so many other people they can imitate. Here is a short list of my suggestions:

1. Eli-ing- Just walk around with a stupid look on your face all day. Most of you probably Eli all day without even knowing it.

2. Osi-ing- Refuse to go to school until the principle meets all your demands.

3.Cromartie-ing- Have a child with as many of your school mates possible.

4.Revis-ing- Just follow someone around all day, extremely close. Do not let them pick up anything all day.

5. Burress-ing- Do I even have to say it?

6.Tomlinson-ing- Be an all-star at another school then get kicked out.

7. Ryaning- Just eat a shit load and get fat. Simple.

All of these actions are relatively easy to do with little practice. If you want to be like both teams just start out your sports seasons with super high expectations and never meet them. My prediction is that after Sunday, not as many people will be Tebowing anymore when he gets exposed.