The charges against Julian Edelman stemming from a party on Halloween night have been dropped. I guess the Boston Police decided that the evidence that they had wouldn’t be enough to prove Edelman guilty in a trial. Let’s be real here, cops watch the Patriots too. They know that without Edelman the secondary is shot to shit. They know he does it all. I bet that he comes in on Monday morning to help the janitors unclog the toilets after Wilfork takes a post game dump. Just does it all. They knew that if they continued with the charges that the Patriots chances to make the playoffs would also go down the drain.

Edelman should know that he’s lucky to still be on this team. Meriweather got cut for having a bad attitude. Once again I ask how you cut a player with such a forward fashion sense?  Not to mention that Big Bang Clock was an absolutely stone cold rapper, on the verge of probably going platinum, or at least bronze.

So all I ask of Julian Edelman is that next time he decides to go out somewhere dressed as a character with the name Lieutenant Dangle, that he just take a step back and ask himself if it’s a good idea. Then he should respond yes and walk out the door, because Patriots players can do anything they want. Like I always say, when you win, you can do whatever you want.