I know that I’m in the shrinking category of those who still don’t believe in the power of Tim Tebow, and I don’t care. I just can’t get behind the thought of supporting a QB who is a RB. Can’t do it. The thing is, if Tebow wanted to be a RB, I’d be all for it. But for some reason the Broncos and everyone else want to believe that Tebow is something that he isn’t. I know that some people don’t like him because of his religious beliefs and how he goes about them. I could really give a shit less, believe in anything you want. That’s not why I dislike him. I dislike him for one reason and that reason is that he can’t throw. Period. I have never seen WR’s have to dive and go down to catch a ball more than the Denver WR’s. Every ball the guy throws is basically into the ground. That’s why he has to run, because he can’t throw, and that’s why I don’t like him. He can lead comebacks for the rest of his life and I will never like him or think of him as a QB in the NFL.